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Physician Executive MBA

Haslam College of Business

Application Process & Forms

All qualified Physician Executive MBA candidates are required to:

When applying for admission, please follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Contact the Registrar for each university or post-secondary college you have attended or received a degree from to arrange for official academic transcripts (your university may refer to its records as mark sheets and degree confirmation) to be sent directly to our Graduate School. The Registrar should send your records to:

  • Email Address for eTranscripts (preferred method):

    Postal/Mailing Address:
    The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    Graduate Admissions
    201 Student Services Building
    1331 Circle Park Drive
    Knoxville, TN 37996-0221

    Phone 865-974-1342

For more information about official academic transcripts, the University's Graduate School has prepared a web-based video.

Step 2

If your C.V. or resume hasn't been updated recently, please update it. You'll want to upload this document with your online application.

Step 3

In the online application, you will be asked to answer a few short answer essay questions. To help you in composing your answers, please think about the following questions:

  • In your position describe the organizational unit for which you are responsible, and relate it to the total organization. Discuss size, scope and autonomy of responsibility. For what human resources, budget and capital investment decisions are you responsible? To what position or positions do you report?
  • Describe the contributions(s) that you are making in your organization that you consider to be valuable and/or unique.
  • Discuss the critical challenges facing your organization currently or in the near future. How do these challenges impact your role?
  • Describe the aspect(s) of your current job that you find to be the most enjoyable and rewarding.
  • Please describe and explain your most substantial accomplishment(s) in your life.
  • How can the MBA help you be more effective for your current and future challenges?
  • Given the demands of the program you have selected, job responsibilities, and family needs, how have you involved others in your decision to attend and how will you balance these commitments?
  • Throughout the year, you will be engaged in what we call an Organizational Action Project (OAP) as part of the program requirements for your degree. This project is typically a complex problem within your host institution that you diagnose and suggest improvements, or an opportunity that you analyze as a Business Plan for a new venture. Prior OAP topics include the following examples:
    • Emergency Department Patient Flow Analysis and Improvement
    • Using Best Practice Guidelines to Enhance Market Share by Improving Patient Satisfaction and Competing on Quality
    • A Strategic Business Plan for Hima Humacao Hospital
    • Value of Electronic Medical Records in Quality and Performance in a Pediatric Surgical Practice
    • A Business Plan for Gyn Disposables
  • What are some of your initial thoughts about the focus of your OAP?

Step 4

General Admission Application–the Graduate School handles the general admission into the University itself. They have an easy to complete online application. It takes 15 to 30 minutes to complete. It will ask you to provide information about yourself, your educational history, work history, and to select your desired course of study. The Office of Graduate Admissions provides extensive general admission information and details concerning general admission requirements.

Note: when asked for colleges/universities attended, do not list residencies, fellowships, or board certifications.

Please include only those universities or colleges (undergraduate, graduate, and medical school) you attended or earned a degree from in the educational history. Internships, fellowships, residencies, observerships, and board certifications are not necessary for admissions purposes. Indeed, including these will impose additional documentation requirements and extend the time needed to return your admission decision to you.

Program Selection

  1. Select degree seeking for the Course of Study.
  2. In the Program selection page within your online application, please choose Business Administration under College.
  3. Scroll down to choose Physician Executive MBA under Program.
  4. Choose Spring 2017 under Select Term.
  5. Click on Save Your Selection.

Application Deadlines

For each program year beginning in January, the early decision deadline is July 15 of the preceding year; the priority application deadline is November 1. Applications submitted after that date will be reviewed and students admitted on the basis of available space only. Note: international students must apply by June 15.

Contact Us

If you have questions or need help with your application, don't hesitate to contact the Physician Executive MBA program office at +1 (865) 974-1772 or

Graduate & Executive Education ~ 504 Haslam Business Building, Knoxville, TN 37996-4150
Phone:+1 (865) 974-5001 ~ Fax: +1 (865) 974-4989 ~


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