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An MBA degree from UT makes a difference in the real world for our physician leaders. Here’s how some of our alumni applied the concepts they learned in the program to achieve measurable results.

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“A PEMBA education will pay for itself many times over in more ways than you can imagine.”

—Jody Crane, M.D., MBA
Associate Director, Emergency Medicine
Fredericksburg Emergency Medical Associates, Fredericksburg, VA

“The most important decision in my professional life was to choose medicine as a career. The next most important decision in my professional life was to choose the University of Tennessee PEMBA program.”

—Bob Granacher, M.D., MBA CEO
Lexington Forensic Institute, Lexington, KY

“Thanks to PEMBA, I’ll be leading an emergency department. And I’ll be making twice the income that I made before I earned my MBA.”

—Brian Lenz, M.D., MBA
Medical Director, Emergency Department
Jefferson Memorial Hospital, Crystal City, MO

“Being able to participate in classes from my own computer was a big factor in my joining the PEMBA program. In fact, I really believe you get the same training you would in a classroom. I was very impressed with the UT faculty—these guys really know the business of medicine inside and out. During the lectures, they didn’t just give business examples, they gave medical examples. They know medical jargon and slang. It was very impressive.”

—Bob Haralson, M.D., MBA
Executive Director of Medical Affairs
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Chicago, IL

“I loved the experience of returning to an academic environment with a group of bright physicians from all over the world. My MBA training allowed me to lead my own organization to a higher level. My professors and fellow students have become a lifelong resource to support my future growth.”

—Ed Diamond, M.D., MBA
Suburban Lung Associates, Elk Grove Village, IL

“PEMBA re-awakened the student in me, and the year was every bit as challenging and rewarding as any during my medical training.”

—Tony Marzoni, M.D., MBA
Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Palo Alto, CA

“Understanding the business of healthcare ultimately will improve the lives of patients and also the quality of practice for physicians.The UT PEMBA program provides a multidisciplinary perspective for physicians to expand boundaries and careers for the future.”

—Hal Mathews, M.D., MBA
VB Professional Services, LLC, New York, NY

“The residence requirement did not impact my clinical practice, as I was out of town for only four weeks. I highly recommend this program to any physician who wants the business skills to make a difference in healthcare delivery.”

—Ramesh Gandhi, M.D., MBA
President and Managing Partner
Digestive Specialists, Dayton, OH

“PEMBA has made me realize how to think outside the box and be confident about doing so. It has opened many doors well beyond patient care."

—Eneida Roldan, M.D., MPH, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Global Telehealth Solutions, Inc., Hollywood, FL

“PEMBA had been about opening doors and looking at opportunities. Now I can speak the language of administrators and sit at the table with them while making decisions.”

—Suzanne White, M.D., MBA
Chief Medical Officer and Executive Vice President of Medical Affairs
Detroit Medical Center, Detroit, MI

Case Studies

Francis Marzoni, MD, Executive Vice President, Palo Alto Medical Foundation:
Reducing wait times for anxious patients
John Hajjar, MD, CEO, Surgem:
PEMBA alum’s business model charts the future of healthcare
Herman Gray, MD, CEO, Children’s Hospital of Michigan:
Reaching into the Suburbs to Revitalize an Urban Hospital

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